I am a bass player living in London, I have played bass since I was about 12-13 (hard to remember) and was gigging within 3 months of picking up the instrument. Thats my background, in a room with other people writing original material, learning how to perform and feeling the rush of a crowd… (even if sometimes there wasn’t one) I still find this is what drives me the 13 year old inside me feeling like a rock star!!

Since those early days my tastes have broadened and I have played everything from reggae to swing to blues to folk to hip hop to rock and pop with everything inbetween. I have been fortunate enough to study under some amazing teachers at ACM and ICMP (listed below) and play with some amazing artists and bands (listed below). I have toured in the UK and Europe and met amazing people along the way.

Currently I live and play in the capital teaching and gigging professionally. I am a collaborator on all things from experimental¬†dub step¬†productions to short movies too, so keep your eyes on the blog and sign the mailing list to see what I’ll be up to next…..

Artists & Labels I’ve Worked With

Teachers I’ve Studied With