Level Up

I haven’t posted for a little while but I felt I wanted to talk about something. I’m sure a lot of us started the year with some form of resolution. Many of us will have abandoned them at first opportunity.

I’ve done it.

This year I decided to do something a little different and have set myself one resolution…


In every aspect, all across the board, do better.

As the year started I began to think about how I was going to level up and if I had just created an ambiguous floaty aim that I won’t really be held accountable to. The usual anxieties would creep in and my brain began to tell me all the things I should be doing if I’m really leveling up. We’ve all experienced it to some degree, writing to do lists as long as our arms and feeling dejected when we aren’t capable of bending time to our will so we can perform super human feats of doing.

This is where I had failed before, I could see it coming.

I needed a way of feeling like I was upholding my aim of leveling up but not building myself up to fail like I had in the past. So I began to find ways of doing the stuff I was already doing, better. Tiny micro adjustments across the board.

The concept is simple, every opportunity you get, you take it to level up. Your lunch being prepared the night before rather than slapping sarnies together whilst sleepy dust is still in your eyes is a level up… Putting all your emails into a time period per day so you do them faster rather than flitting between facebook, bass practice and answering everything that happens as it happens, is a level up…

The other great thing about level up is anyone can do it from anywhere. Opportunities can be seized and even identified more easily when you have a level up mindset. Your more likely to push an idea a bit harder get back to that person a little quicker. Once it all settles and you look around you after leveling up you can just level up again.

Think about how you could level up and feel free to tell me below.


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