Mr Blinstrub… A Huge Influence On My Playing

I’ve recently been going through my videos and I remembered a video that wasn’t on my site, and should be.

The Drop’s video for Right On, is (I think) hilarious and I was lucky enough to have recorded this single with them at the SAE studio’s in London. (Thanks to Mike and everyone at SAE) It was one of those great studio sessions where you all get to play together, that’s my favourite, I always find it so much easier to lock in and get a vibe like that. These guys do have some serious vibes too. Listen, watch, and share.

It made me start to think about my time with The Drop, last year. It was such an amazing musical experience. They are friends I had known for a long time and some I had played with before in different scenarios.

It also made me begin to think of one of the founders of the band and the original bass player my very dear friend (and amazing player) Chaz Blinstrub. He was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia on July 14th 2011 and when he passed from complications of this disease after a hard fought battle on 23rd February 2012 I was depping for the band. It was a very sad time for all concerned and he is sorely missed by his friends and family. Before Chaz passed he started raising money for Anthony Nolan, this campaign continues and you can donate here.

Chaz Blinstrub My role in the band became suddenly very pronounced and I dived even deeper into Chaz’s lines and playing style. He was a multi instrumentalist with an amazing ear for what was right in the music and I learnt so much from studying his style. I was trying to ‘emulate’ him I felt strongly that his lines should try to be recreated, I saw it as an honour and a privilege to be the one to allow people to still enjoy, what was and is, his music.

I mean like listening to stuff at half the speed, saying to myself.. ‘which string is that mute on’. I probably got a little bit silly with it, but, I learnt so, so, much from this amazingly talented man. He is now a major influence in my playing and I personally thank him for his music.

I played in The Drop for the next 9 months and had some amazing times, including traveling to Croatia, where the video for Right On was filmed. It never ceases to amaze me how music has permeated every aspect of my life and how a single video of a single track can mean so much to me.

The Drop are currently storming festivals up and down the country, have tracked an album and will be releasing it early 2014. Mr Blinstrub… I’m sure your music will continue and make people dance for many a year to come.


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